Today is Xmas eve.   I hope you are all happy and where you want to be!

I’m not sure what we will do but I know a portion of the day will be readying the house for AirBnB guests who booked our home for Xmas day and the day after.  Hubby and I will go to his Aunt’s house for pie on Xmas day but will be back and cozy in our part of the house to celebrate.  I think we will hang out on Monday and maybe partake in Paso Robles ‘after Xmas’ sales!


Mrs. Claus doing laundry.

This is frozen Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

A reader sent this to me of her sillyboy draft horse.

Great idea. I love artists!


You just know that tree is coming down.



This cracked me up. Totally relaxed in his hammock.

This is a quilt!

A beautiful, new wild one.

Love this!

A lovely family… photog: Kat Livengood

They circled the house, then, down onto the roof,
With the stomping and crashing of many a hoof!
When they hit the shingles I knew right away,
No magical Reindeer were pulling THIS sleigh!
Has Santa gone MAD? I wondered with fright,
These horses…SUCH horses!…Good God what a sight!
The noise and the toys and the drywall came down,
St. Nick took the lines, and he turned them for town…

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