Today, I clean for guests…


AS if he wasn’t cute enough without the tie…

Cutest baby Scottish Highland cow, ever!

Another one! Not a mini, a baby Scottish Highland.

This was so poignant to me… I don’t have birds so I don’t know if he was just sleeping against a wall… or if he is yearning for the trees.

Amazing image from the Santa Rosa fires here in CA.

Darling baby donk.

I want to visit that cabin!

Such a great face!

A lady evacuating her mini – there were no trailers available so she did what she had to do.

Grown Scottish Highland cows.

Beautiful fall colors.

Results from the Prisoner Trained Mustang program in Carson City, Nevada, last weekend. If you can, go to one of these auctions and see how well they are trained – and adopt!

Just in case you were wondering…

The newest member of the white rhino family in Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida!

OCTOBER EMERGENCY DROP IN THE BUCKET FUND – We are almost halfway to our goal!   (read story here)!  4 abandoned donkeys!  Their owner passed away and these donkeys were forgotten in a field.  No water, no food – SINCE JUNE!

Click here to give a 100% tax deductible donation!   Every drop adds up!  Thank you!

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