TODAY I will be in the car all day.


I have no idea where this is… but I want to go there.

How do they do that with their necks?!

Imagine reclaiming this old barnwood… reinvent it!

Looks like a painting.


OMGosh, scary! Owl vs. woodpecker



Baby kangaroo orphans. They all look different!

You’ve probably seen this image on the news… the calf with KISS markings…

Such a great face!

Owl and kitty – can you see it now?



AUGUST BUCKET FUND!  LRTC needs a new piece of equipment to help them save large animals in very difficult situations!  LRTC saved little Milan last month!  We have $400 and need $2200!

Click here to donate!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you!

Little Milan… sneaking out of his recovery stall… he suffered from smoke inhalation damage and pneumonia.


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  1. Helen Fleming

    Hi Dawn,
    I believe the first photo is Hamilton Pool, a natural spring west of Austin TX. In years past we would just drive up the road and jump in. Now, the springs have become so popular reservations are required! I live and board my horses down the road.

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