Today, I will groom and de-mudball as many as I can!  The mudball cement deposits around their ankles are the most difficult.  I think I will melt them with warm water.  That will take a while…


For my cat friends.

Babies of every species are so dang cute!

So Cal Mini Rescue. Adorable.

The heart shape is Mother Nature’s special touch here.

Yup. I could live here…


Yes. This is me, covered in hair.

I love this shot! From our local trailriding outfit: Central Coast Trailrides!

LOVE the floors!

Hubby sent this to me…

I laughed out loud on this one.

Great Donk expression!!

What a gorgeous, strong baby!

They sell colored shoes in the UK!

Such a simple (great) idea…

I loved this shot. It is from the video of the UNDERNEATH PROJECT I wrote about this week… The horse seems so interested in what the photographer is doing on his computer!

MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSE, SWAYZE, NEEDS SURGERY TO SURVIVE.  His Drop in the Bucket Fund (story here) only needs $875 to give him his lifesaving surgeryJust a few drops will add up!  Thank you in advance!

Do you have Starbucks money to donate to this very handsome gelding?  He has fought so hard to live!  Thank you!!  Make a 100% tax deductible donation here!

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