Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Lots of Dog and Lots of Mules!

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Some days you just don’t have many horse photos… Sad but true.

Today is a mostly Dog and Mule show.


Good Boy!

Still a bit scary...

A bit scary...



Beaver Falls, AZ... very pretty.


I sure hope he hangs on...


He looks fake, doesn't he?! He looks like a kid's toy!




AManda Jones is a professional dog photog. She sends out shots once a month. Cuties!

Aha! It all makes sense now...





This is a wild horses photographed by Tamara Gooch.


A goat and his boy... This is Hubby who always wants to get a goat - we were at a Rescue and this goat followed Hubby everywhere!



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  1. dawndi Post author

    Nancy: it never even occurred to me that HORSE AND MAN didn’t include women. I meant is as in ‘we are all mankind’, not MEN or male specific. If I had put EQUINE AND HUMAN it would have been more clear but boring. I don’t say Mares and Man, nor Geldings and Man or Mares and Woman… All too confusing to me. So, I chose HORSE AND MAN to simply convey any horse and any man -. I’m sorry to not be clear for you. I’m not excluding women. I AM A WOMAN! So, I never intended, nor do I, exclude women. In fact most readers are women. The trademarks are all purchased…

  2. Nancy Miller

    Could we try Horse and Person? Or Horses and People? Or give us a year or two of Horse and Woman? Lotsa horses have women rather than men.

  3. Morgan Griffith

    Well did the goat follow him home? Awww come on Mom, Daddy needs a new goat!

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