SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! (and Leap Year good luck day!)

Today, I have to finish fixing the irrigation, before it gets too hot!


This was titled as ‘a perfect album cover’.

Another wild curly. Gorgeous!

Very pretty.

Wild and free –

I have no idea what type of crane/heron (?)…

Beautiful shot.

Our Wrangler friend (from the RLazyS Ranch) on the horse my husband rides, Rose. Such a lovely shot!

From our friend, Elke Vogelsang

This must be in some hot/wet country… so pretty!  This Grasshopper Photo belongs to Sarah Folts – Butterfly Babe
Please add Photo Credits

I think I would add a skylight…

From Kat Livengood. So pretty.

Amazing timing.

I wish I knew one…

Look at that baby’s mouth… I’m guessing this isn’t his/her mother. Love this shot.


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  1. dawndi Post author

    DONE! Thank you! I’d love to tell my readers more about this amazing photo… if you have the time, please tell
    me where you were and what kind of butterfly. Such a feeling to have it on your hand…

  2. Calvin48

    That curly mustang is drop dead gorgeous! I love the eyes and the expression.

  3. Janwindsong

    Jefferson’s bedroom looks like this. Sitting room on one side, library on the other.

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