Today, I attend a family member’s celebration of life.


I’ve used this before but I just love it so here it is again. (The policemen are so unaware!)


Wow. Such dedication.

I love this.

Yes, please. If there were already set up bins (in my backyard) of colored rocks in nice shapes and sizes, I would attempt something like this… and probably fail. I think this is gorgeous.

No thankyou but I appreciate the creation.

This should be the Phyllis Diller bird, but its real name is Sclater’s Crowne Pigeon.

AND ANOTHER beautiful rock artwork.

If I lived anywhere that this was possible, I would do it.

Gorgeous wild ones.

Artists amaze me.

Could you cut into this masterpiece?!

Beautiful wild friends.

I LOVE THIS – photo by Elisabeth Haug.

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  1. Shelley S

    This week’s pictures pretty much all struck a chord with me. Excellent job collecting and sharing with us. The stone carpets and equine photography in particular really made me grin. Thank you!

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