Today, the snow comes again.  I think you all might be reading about the storms in California.  I know, I know… Californians are babies compared to the rest of the world.  The issue is that we in California aren’t prepared  for heavy rains and snow, except maybe Tahoe.  Truthfully, this rain and the Tahoe snowfall is what I remember as a kid – and my memory is correct.  The cycle is coming around again.  Thank you, Mother Nature.  We need it.


Gorgeous wild ones.

Another handsome wild one.

This is such an amazing photograph. Once in a lifetime. Gorgeous. I had my career in Los Angeles and it never looked so good. The sun, the clouds, the snow, the light… Wow!

Wow. Just wow.

Here’s a great idea for water savings!


Mother Nature is amazing. I saw a huge face with eyes well before I saw his actual head.

An amazing work of art.


Lovely wild friends.


Wow! Is this photoshopped? If not, perfect timing! And a great idea.

Wow. That is a lot of work.

This needs a caption.

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