TODAY, I will continue to lay around and heal.  It has been 2.5 weeks since my surgery and I think I’m doing well.  I still have a lot of pain – and knee pain, which is new – but the wound looks good and I’m able to walk (in the house) unaided.  So that’s really good!


I never knew this.

The hair!

Something to do with old pallets you might have laying around.

I could use this…

Wow. Perfect setting, perfect subject.

Made me laugh.

I thought this was so sweet. This is a local guy who needed to soak he foot of his car old dog.

Yes, please.

Gorgeous Mother Nature.

People are so clever.

There’s a book out on horse whorls. I have it. I need to read it.

Not the last thing I want to see…

Patootey. I so miss the babies.

Those are my feet. I’m up and around! Hubby made the fire.



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  1. Bunny

    Dawn, the knee pain may be a result of skeletal re- adjusting after favoring an injured joint. Don’t ignore that warning sign as if you do fortoo long, the hips won’t be the only things needing replacement. Get a referral to an orthotics specialist (as in fully licensed though the techs are pretty darn good; and if you have VA coverage with your husband’s career then for sure the VA has a lot of them). Even just custom shoe inserts or temporary bracing will provide major relief. My SO and his now-retired former business partner, both orthotists/prosthetists, had VA contracts for helping folks with this exact issue. Good luck. It is awful to be sidelined away from much of your four-legged family!

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