Today, I will be running around trying to get everything done that I won’t be able to do for the next 4 weeks.  Surgery on Tuesday.   If something goes horribly wrong, Hubby may be on this site, asking help with the horses.  But, I don’t anticipate anything going wrong.  I’m using the same DR that did my other hip, so all should be good.



Wow! Iceland is on my bucket list.

I’ve seen this written a few ways – I love the sentiment.

OMG. I would just die if this happened to me. I cannot imaging the cleanup.

Bachelors.  (Look at the hooves.  Perfect.)

Wow. And that eye!!

People are so clever!


I love her face! The story was that she was picked up from a high kill shelter and ON THE RIDE HOME she gave birth. This is her face in the car.



I think I’ve posted this previously. I love the line: “Only she is allowed to sit in it.”

This poor guy!!

So creative!

And another!

OMG this needs a caption!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Using the same surgeon… and I did (joking, not joking) ask him to make sure they are the same length.

  2. Calvin48

    Tell your doctor to make sure your legs are the same length after the new joint is put in. When my left hip was replaced in 2014, it came out 1&1/2 inches longer than the right leg. At first the doctor said that would be corrected through physical therapy, but there was no change after 3months of 3X per week p.t.. Then I was offered another surgery, using different hardware, that would take half an inch off the excess length. I decided instead to sue the hospital and doctor, but I lost because I have rheumatoid arthritis, which they claimed was a pre-existing condition that MIGHT have been responsible for the discrepancy. I now have to wear a huge (and expensive) shoe on my right foot. This shoe causes me to trip, roll my ankle and fall once or twice every week. I have had many injuries and trips to the ER since 2014, and ongoing back pain.

  3. Sonya

    Blessings for successful surgery and fast healing, Dawn! Peace always!

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