TODAY, I am back from a short trip back to Paso Robles for all the pre-op stuff for my other hip surgery.   Three years ago, I had the left hip replaced.  On Nov 22, I have the right hip replaced.   Soon, I will be BIONIC!


I miss having foals around!

Made me laugh

This wold take a lot of patience and imagination, for sure!

Wow. I hope this wasn’t photoshopped…

What a lucky kid and an Imaginative adult.

Amazingly creative Mother Nature strikes again

I don’t know who took this… but it looks like he put the camera on the ground next to a puddle. LOVE!

If I could draw, I’d so this sort of thing everywhere!

Made me chuckle

Maine Coon.

Mane jewelry, naturally

Yellowstone starts up very soon!

Wow. Some people are so creative!


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