Today I travel to the Grass Valley house to review the damages after our tenants have vacated.  Wish me luck…


Pretty baby.

So true.

I could not figure this out until I read the caption. I had no idea what I was viewing…

From photog Kat Livengood.

Should be his album cover.

They look so different from each other!

I remember posting about this when it happened. Such a lovely shot.

Learning about tumbleweeds

Made me laugh.

I wish these guys were down at the store!

Wow! I love the ones looking at the camera…


I did not know you could do this….

People are so creative!

Gorgeous. Mother Nature is amazing.



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  1. Bunny

    I was a landlord. A lucky one? I had three tenants in succession over a 25 year period. Each left when they had saved enough to buy. Each left the house, front yard, back yard, and tiny piece of acreage with garden shed better than they found it. The only extra expense I incurred was having the roof redone (25 years is actually a longer effective lifespan than most roofs) and windows replaced to be more energy efficient. Why was I lucky? I screened carefully. I kept the rent reasonable. If a tenant ran into tough times (family #2 had a premature baby who had expensive and extensive hospitalization) I worked with them. Now, I myself am a tenant because at my age I don’t want to own property or be a landlord I just want to go trail ride. I have been a tenant of the same landlord for 22 years. I had rent raised only once and I pay below market. Why have I been lucky? I meticulously maintain my rental house including gutter cleaning and pressure washing and porch repair – at my expense. I have put in some basic xerigraphic landscaping. I painted over the previous tenant’s awful colors, at my expense. Replaced some broken fixtures, ditto. Replaced all the blinds. Together with the other tenant at the other house on the adjacent properties, we maintained the common areas — because we care about where we live. Watched out for freezes, power outages, insect infestation, water well pump hiccups, and dealt with all, maintained fences, mowed and mowed and mowed. Dawn – the right tenants are out there. I hope you find them if you need renters again.

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