Today, I work!


I love everything about this photo. (Voiceover session for the Peanuts movie… from long ago.)

If you’ve ever lost a horse…

So true.

Both of their expressions are priceless.

In case you missed this story…. there was a cow who wandered into a Wallmart parking lot. The people who found the cow made a shopping cart corral. A bit later, a woman showed up, bareback with a baby on her chest, and brought the cow back home.

So true.

I would never mess with one…

Perfect timing by all!

This baby looks like my little pony troll doll when I was a kid! So adorable!!

A gorgeous wild baby.

Mother Nature is amazing.


And again!

Wow! I guess I’m having a Bison day! This family is so gorgeous. Look how huge and how formidable.


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