Today we leave for Wyoming!!


I love these!  Except, the donkey looks like he has no teeth…?

?? Running barrels on an Appaloosa Zorse?! I need to see that. Hard to believe but if she did it, I’m impressed.

Sweet friends.

I ride horses and Hubby flies planes. A perfect sign for us.

Cute wild baby.

I’ve seen this previously, but I still love it.

This made me smile.

Gathering those took skill and patience!

So darn cute!

I love these flowers!

Cute at that age…


And this age…

So handsome!

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  1. Joanne Stefanyshyn

    Hi Dawn – Have a wonderful time in Wyoming! Is this your first Wyoming trip with your new hip? If you have time. let us know how it “behaved” for you on (and after) all those wonderful trail rides you will take! Happy trails!

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