Today, I think Hubby and I will go wine tasting (after I paint the house a bit more…).


This is me in 10 years.

A mother’s love

Sweet. Get ’em young!

Uh huh

I had no idea…


Sweet squirrels

Is it me, or do these sneakers look like they are screaming?

It’s water…


Sweet babies waiting for Mom n Dad.



Here comes Mom and…



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  1. Alexis

    I love the Saturday Pho-blogs but the pony string photo brought me some happy/sad memories of one of my dearest horse friends. We grew up on horseback, we were grownups on horseback with, of course, too many horses (at least, “too many” according to our non-horsey families), and we always joked about what we’d do when we became “old” We just knew that when we got too far past being able to ride, we would never end up crazy old cat ladies – instead, we would be those crazy old pony ladies. I lost my friend to breast cancer a few years back and I’m sure she’s looking down from that great stables in the sky at me, now in my eighth decade, with – yes! – two minis and a rescued American Show Pony! And as soon as I re-learn my horse driving skills from Saddlebred days all those decades ago, said pony is going back in harness.

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