Today will be warm and very sunny!


I love this.

Mother Nature is a great artist


Dogs with mullets.

Another dog with a mullet. He doesn’t look too happy.

They look like triplets. I wonder if they are… that would be very rare indeed.

This is me, totally.

The light behind the owl makes it look like he’s wearing a crown.

This musical instrument, called a Hand Pan, seems to mesmerize horses.

Tortoise with puppies and tortoise love with grown up dog.

A lovely family

Somewhere very pretty

Naptime with devoted sentry.



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  1. Rox

    Always wondered why there is DogTv (on satellite tv servers and streaming probably not on cable) but the cat people didn’t jump in to compete and do a CatTV channel. My dog LOVES DogTv which effectively solved the not-working-remotely-still-going-to-the-office-all day issue of a bored unhappy dog. As far as the barn, anytime they stay in due to weather or the grass is too green/sugary they get Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart on a loop.

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