Today, I go into work and do whatever jobs they have us doing – just to try to keep us employed.  We are closed.  So, this should be interesting…


I love this…

Mini horse elf.


Beautiful wild ones.

Awwww. I bet the one on the right is a little brother…

Almost looks like the same horse… except this one is wild. Look at those very acute and pointy ears!

Patootey. “I seeeeeee you…”

This is a friend’s peacock. He’s bending over.

Yup. I fretted over this stuff when I had a barn… and I still fret over it cuz I don’t have a barn.


My friend took this pic. I think it is Tahoe… but it might be somewhere in Oregon. In any event, gorgeous.

Mother Nature had fun creating this one.

Not something you see everyday…

Wild boys.


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