Today, I try to find renters for either of our houses… Know anyone who wants to live in the Paso Robles Wine Country?  Or do you know anyone who needs a short-term lease in Grass Valley?

Me, neither.  But, I’m looking!


Bats are so interesting to me. They look like flying dogs. Out here, they eat so many bugs at night! If I walk outside, they will be flying around here always.

Cutie Patooteys from Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

OMG! He looks like he is wearing boxer shorts

So handsome.

Another handsome wild one.

Such a great expression!

Amazing. I’ve posted this before… but it is simply amazing.

Another from Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

I thought this was an amazing shot…

I guess I’m liking closeups of wild ones today…

A beautiful, wild baby.

A gorgeous, wild one.

Very cute pony (mini)!


Yes. I could live here.



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  1. Ms J

    Please email me back as my significant others (small dog, two rescued elderly minis, one spectacularly charismatic pony and one human of the male persuasion) and I have been thinking of Paso and surrounding areas ever since he (the human, that is) had a six-month remote work stint in Paso a number of years ago. We were also looking at SLO. He’s originally from SoCal, me a PNW native that absolutely CANNOT physically cope with these winters one more year. He’s retired with independent income, me still working (paraprofessional). We have had a long-term rental where we are now (18 years) with close relationship with landlord’s family which we would be sorry to leave, but still. References, of course. For humans and critters.

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