HELLO ALL!  Yes, I am still alive!   I’m healing on schedule and all will be fine.  It just takes the time it takes –   However, Saturday Phoblogs are easy (and so many of you wrote to say you missed this the most…) and I can’t make too many painkiller induced mistakes… so …


Pretty much…

Even though fire season is almost over, this list is always good to have.

Love this.

A gorgeous wild one

So sweet, the birds love this wild one.

Gorgeous and free.


I could sit here, often.

This is a real place.

My good friend sent this to me… she lives near here.

Another beautiful one with his new winter coat.

I know, I’ve used this before but it makes me laugh every time.

Hubby laughed out loud when I showed him this.

I love that people take the time to spread humor – to strangers… no reward, just doing it because he can.

I love the smile on the pup and the love in the human.


I FEEL BADLY for poor Rooster, our November Bucket Fund Horse!  I’ve been totally out of it and have not been helping him to reach the goal.  We are not quite halfway there… You can go to Horse and Man Jewelry and purchase there or donate directly.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Ways to donate to help Rooster:

  1.  Donate here 100% tax deductible
  2.  Purchase Jewelry at the below links.  FB and website.


3.  If you would like to well-wish me as I recover from surgery, you could gift me one of the below and I will donate it to Rooster (all donations 100% tax deductible).

Dawn ($5):  Please let me get you a Starbucks since you are immobile and could use the lift!  Click here.

Click to send Dawn a Starbucks (that she will give to Rooster!)

Dawn ($10):  Please let me get you some yummy cake since you’ve been barely able to eat and need the calories.  Click here.

Click here to send Dawn Yummy cake that she will give to Rooser!

Dawn ($20):  Please let me get you a bucket of Flowers since you have no way to go outside and look at the flowers for yourself.  Click here.

Click here and send Dawn a bucket of flowers that she will send to Rooster!

Dawn ($25):  Please let me get you an hour of someone coming over and grooming your horses since you cannot even go outside or see them.  Click here:

Click here and give Dawn a groomer for her horses – that will be donated to Rooster!

Dawn ($50):  Please let me get you an unlimited supply of the pain killers that are helping you get through this so you can one day soon, stand steadily beside your horses and ride again!  Click here:

Click here and give Dawn that dreamy face that she will donate to Rooster!


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