Yes, I made it out of surgery!  Hubby is taking great care of me…  I cannot sit at my desk, so posting blogs has been difficult (and I’m pretty druggy) so Hubby brought in my laptop and …


I love this shot. The horns, the eyes, the bird…

Big, healthy, wild baby!


I don’t know what this is (pic, painting…) but I love everything about it.

Well, that’s one way…




Probably photoshopped – but I like it.

Probably photoshopped, too, but I love it

Not something you see everyday…

Gorgeous, candid shot

Wow. Is this real?

From Black Jaguar, White Tiger Foundation. Gorgeous.

Amazing shot from my hometown.

I wanted to remind you all of the November Bucket Fund horse, Rooster, and his amazing, ground breaking new protocol for wounds that won’t heal!

You can read his story here – (and the new protocol)

Please donate, if you can, your Starbucks money to help purchase all the bandages, wraps, vet visits, Xrays and other necessities one needs to keep a very wounded horse – I know from wrapping Mama Tess twice a day every day for 3 years, how very expensive it can become...


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