SANTA CAME TO THE RANCH! He gave the horses cookies! Beet-e-Bites in the house! Come look at them EAT!

I love Beet-E-Bites!  The horses do, too!

The reason?… They are low sugar and low carb.  I could give them to Mama Tess who was Cushing and IR.  I can give them to Norma Jean and Dodger who have Cushings.  I can give them to the rest of the horses without GUILT.  And the horses gobble them up!  No kidding.  Total slime and gulp fest!


So this is what came in the mail… a box for my donkey, Mo.  (I made him share.)

Santa’s package came addressed to Mo.

I opened the box for Mo, and saw that he was gifted with Beet-E-Bites! There was also a card…

There was a huge bag of heart-shaped Peppermint Flavored Bites – and the Card!

Santa’s card to Mo.


Mo was very, very excited to receive his very special gift from Santa!  Click here to see the very quick movie.

Click to watch Mo gobble up his cookies from Santa.


THE OTHER HORSES…(all gulping and begging for more!)

fyi:  It was not easy to shoot photos while I was feeding… ;)

Dodger. Yum! (And I can give these to him safely! He’s 36 years-old and I’m very careful with what new foods he eats.)

Norma Jean, always so delicate and polite.

Annie. Big and Bold.

Missy Miss. We had to make sure Annie had enough to keep her busy so I could give the others in her pen some treats!

This is Finn. He wanted to smell them first.

Finn sniffing and grabbing!

CLICK IMAGE AND THIS IS A MOVIE!  BG, happy to have a treat!

Wrigley waiting for his turn.

Wrig gobbled his

Gwen, my genius, knew what was coming and was ready!

My bag of heart Shaped Beet-E-Bites from Santa!

Gwen wants more!

Annie (yes, her feet are rough), wanted more… she was following me around.

And as I went back to where I started, Norma Jean and Dodger got a few more, of course! Look at those faces!


Click to go

This looks good!


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