VERY SAD NEWS. One of Our October Bucket Fund Mini horses, “Florence”, has passed.

This is so sad.

You hope that once horses are rescued, they are going to make it.

Sadly, for Florence, the help was just too late.  She had horrible heaves while heavily pregnant… and passed from a suspected  heart attack – taking her unborn foal with her.

This is so sad for all.  Everyone had hoped that they could fix her – but the condition had been with her, untreated, for so long – and heavily pregnant… there was no coming back.

Everyone at Indiana Horse Rescue is devastated.

However, there are still 11 minis that are in dire need of our help, so we can still do great things for those that are surviving –  Ziggy the stallion with the horrible eye injury and the other pregnant minis and the mares with very new foals.  They bring new life and new, healthy lives.

 From a post last week: 

Poor Mini Florence is heavily pregnant and heaving horribly.

Now we have this video that shows Mini mare Florence, who is heavily pregnant, heaving.  She needs immediate care for her heaves and corneal infections.

All donations are 100% deductible!  Click here to donate to help all of the minis rescued!

Click here to watch the video.  (Turn up your volume)

Click image to watch the video of Florence. (Turn up the volume.)

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  1. Laurie

    Oh, Dawn so so so sorry to hear of this great loss.
    Oh and the little foal so sad.
    Just breaks my already broken heart!

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