Results of the recent Prison Gentled Mustang Auction, The Nag Full Face Shade and other tidbits.

Happy Wednesday!

I have so much to write about this week that I couldn’t decide which topic was best for a mid-week blog…   I decided on something uplifting.  Well, actually, a few uplifting things.

But first, I have a question…

–Am I the only one or are the flies/ticks really bad this year?

Yikes!  I’ve had to double the garlic to get the same effect from previous years.  Yeesh.

And (huddling in a fetal position) I find this totally abhorrent but I discovered a bug that rhymes with “ick” on my person.  Eewwww.  I totally lost it when I found the little monster.  (Tinygaggysound.)  I kinda felt faint for a second or two and then took the pressure washer to my head.  I could not convince myself that I was “ick-free”.  I swear, I got online looking for TyVek suits.  I came thisclose to shaving my head.

Instead, I went around with Listerine in a spray bottle and sprayed every building and every piece of furniture that I or the horses might come near.  Listerine should help keep the flies out of structures but I guess I’m just gonna have to wear a wig or a hat at all times for the “icks”.  I already spray myself from head to toe with Peppermint Summer Protection Spray (natural fly spray) which works great for those flies that like to face-swarm humans/horses.  I hate that!

My dogs think I’m crazy about the “icks”.  I can hear them, “Hey, why don’t you just strap on one of these white collars and you’ll be good for 6 weeks!”




A while back I reported on the Nag Shade.  It is for tender, white, oft-sunburned noses.  It looks kinda like a longer fly mask with a kick pleat.

Anyway, I hadn’t tried one; I just wanted you all to know that they existed.

Well, I received an email from the company saying that they have expanded their line-up.  So, I thought I would purchase one for Remi to see if it worked.  (She has a white nose and the flies really think she’s sweet)  I’m not sure that the shade will help with flies on her nose because it flares out.  But, it should help with the sunburn … and it might help with the flies… so, why not.

I decided on the ‘Full Face Shade’.  I got the LARGE HORSE size because she is a large horse.  We’ll see if their idea of a Large Horse fits mine.

I chose the color, ‘ocean blue’.

Here is the website if you’d like to check it out.  Unfortunately, the site was difficult to navigate and not very intuitive so I’ve link here the page where you can look over the styles and decide if you want to try one.

Of course, I’ll show it to you when it arrives and do my trial with Remi.

This is the style I purchased.



From death to birth… always nice to have happy endings. They both live at BHFER, the Rescue that saved and nursed their mothers back to health.


This is little Indy out of the Percheron mare, Faith. Pattotey!

This is the mini foal from Glory, Cloud Dancer. He is so precious!



Here is the link to the original post about these gathered mustangs who were gentled and trained for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week over a 3 months period by prison inmates.  An unlikely combination – wild horse and incarcerated human – but it works.  In some ways, they understand each others’ predicament…

First, before we go to the results of the Prison Gentled Mustang Auction, I wanted to tell you that, sadly, the Auction was not well attended because a rumor spread that California was not going to let any horses in due to the EHV-1 virus outbreak.

This was totally false but it did factor into the attendance.  Luckily, there were enough qualified bidders so that every horse found a home.  However, the prices were the lowest I have seen over the four adoptions that I have followed.  Good for the adopters but not so good for the program.



Radio Flyer adoption fee: $200
Shilo adoption fee:  $1000


Chester adoption fee:  $1000
Donald Trump (adopted by a friend – story to come…)  $1200
Drifter adoption fee:  Going into the Border Patrol Program


Crossroads:  Going into the Border Patrol Program


Ol’ Lug adoption fee:  $200
Tank adoption fee:  Going into the Border Patrol Program


Rosin adoption fee:  $400
Straight Shot adoption fee:  $1000


Junior adoption fee:  Going into the Border Patrol Program
LIttle B adoption fee:  $200
Big’N adoption fee:  $2300
General Lee adoption fee:  $2000
Gemini adoption fee:  $1600
Boss Hawg adoption fee:  $800
Sir Talks-A-Lot was a bit lame so he sat this one out.
Burt adoption fee:  $400
Terminator adoption fee:  $200
Although these horses didn’t sell for much, they are still 18 horses that didn’t have to live their lives in holding pens.  These horses learned how to be good horse citizens (I’m not saying they should be captured… but once they are, we need to steward them if they cannot be re-released) so they are attractive to adoptors.
This program does that – and more.
The Prisoner Gentled Mustang Program helps the souls of both the caged man and the caged horse…

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    From S:
    Peppermint Summer Protection works against ticks as well. I spray my big hairy black dog with it everyday in the summer …never has ticks, fleas, mosquitoes or flies bothering him. he does sneeze after application. I spray well around his neck and all over and rub or brush it in. A few years ago at a horse show, I got a tick bite that started to show signs of lyme disease. full blown bulls eye. (got on antibiotics immediately and no further issues) So I upped the amount of catnip oil, and neem in the product for protection against ticks. I spray it all over and even my hair and my clothes if I am going to be in a tick infested area….most times it is not necessary. The only time my horses ever had a tick is when they were away at training and someone obviously didnt use the product. :-) Catnip is effective against mosquitoes proven by Iowa state University…but I noticed that my barn cats would roll in the catnip plants which gives them a little high…but it also protects them against bugs!! Cats cannot use essential oils or any of my products because cats cannot metabolize the compounds…but rolling in the live plants seem to do the trick for them.

  2. Linda Horn

    Ticks … right up there with leeches in my book. YUCK! The Junkyard foals are looking fine. I’d welcome either one into my barn (if I had a barn). Sure hope these babies and their moms find good homes.

    Happy to hear the Prison adoptions went well, despite the limited attendance. Good prices as well. I understand folks really like the Twin Peaks Mustangs, because of their size and sort of “Quarterhorsey” conformation. Last month’s Internet adoptions were pretty much a bust for unhandled or untrained horses. That pretty much says it all.

    Yesterday I heard that the BLM has requested people refrain from riding out into the Little Book Cliffs, CO, area until Friday. IMO, that’s WAY too soon, and it should have been more than a “request”. All the HMAs should be off-limits to riding until EHV-1 outbreak is totally under control, and the holding facilities as well. Who’s going to take temps of wild horses or “observe” them for symptoms? There aren’t any roundups scheduled until July, so there’s little reason for people to be out there. The BLM is supposed to be protecting the Mustangs. So protect already!

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