Results of the 10/8 Prisoner Trained Mustang Adoption in Carson City!

Yesterday, I attended the October 8th Prisoner Trained Mustang Adoption in Carson City, Nevada.  Wahoo!

Last night, when I came home, I wrote about my personal experience there.  Here is that blogpost.

Today, I want to write about the Auction and the results.


I have to say that the ‘feeling’ of this auction on the Prison grounds was totally different than the Prisoner Trained Mustang auctions at the Expo Center.  I’m not sure if that was why people weren’t bidding… or if this was just a fluke … but people weren’t bidding much or well.

I have to say, if you want an incredible horse, guaranteed healthy, with amazing feet and concentrated training, you need to get yourself to one of these Auctions.  4 of the horses didn’t even get a starting bid of $200!  That is unheard of!  Every other one of these auctions that I’ve attended, every horse was sold – and most for a fair price!  (All adoption money goes back into the program.)

To answer your question about the horses who weren’t adopted, at the beginning it was announced that all but one of the horses had a home with the Border Patrol and/or the US Army if they weren’t adopted yesterday.

I don’t know which horse was not invited to the Border Patrol or the US Army so let’s hope he/she was adopted.

I also know that one horse who was ‘unadopted’ last time (his previous adopters said he was injured), went through the auction this time and was sold for a third of what he went for last time.  He was SUCH a nice horse!

1)  GEPPETTO:  $0  no bids…  :(

Geppetto didn’t go first.  Usually, they are auctioned in the order of the booklet.  But yesterday they changed it up and I think it was a good idea.
You see, most people bid on the colored horses.  So, they hold onto their money until the colored ones go.
So, this time, they decided to open up the bidding with a horse or two and then get the colored ones sold so that the money would be more free for the other horses.
Good strategy but it didn’t work either… people were just not bidding!
Anyway, onto Geppetto! 
He showed well.  But, it was clear that he was a bit more ‘alert’ than some of the others.  I think he appeared a bit hot.  Still, he was gorgeous and larger.  Usually those sell.
But, he didn’t.
Not one bid.


Geppetto side


2)  JACK STRAW:  $0  no bids…  :(

Cute Face!

Jack Straw was auctioned off first because he had acted out a bit during the opening ceremony.

It is true, he did do everything he was supposed to do AND he carried a flag.  But, at the end, when the audience cheered, he quickly scurried backwards.  Understandable.  He’s never seen a loud crowd of humans before…

But, he had made a bad impression on this already difficult crowd.

So, alas, not one bid for Jack Straw, either.

Jack, side

3)  RADAR:  $500

Is that a scar on his nose? Or a snip?


RADAR was one that I really liked.  I met him in the line-up before the Auction and he was very sweet.  His rider said that Radar was a gem and easy.  I also watched as his trainer worked Radar in the warm-up arena.  The horse was balanced and easy.  I really, really liked him.

He was also the most balanced and calm in the demonstration.

So, when his name came up, I bid on him.

Another person bid on him as well.  When it got up to $500, I quit.  I’m not sure why, but I knew that I didn’t need another horse so I was happy to let this guy have him for $500.



4)  FLETCHA $0  no bids…  :(

His blaze looks like a spatula


I liked Fletcha, too!!  He was very sweet in the line-up and he wasn’t wearing a bit, just a side-pull.  It was explained that he was very busy with his tongue in a bit and he much preferred a sidepull or hackamore.

Sadly, no one bid on him.  Another goose egg.  He was a really nice horse, too.

Fletcha, side

5)  ROANY:  $1200

Pretty Boy

Roany went towards the end.  I had already purchased Rojo or I would have bid on him.  Roany is small and worked really well!  Also, he was a beautiful color.

A few folks bid on him and he sold for $1200.  Finally!

Hubby loves this color.


6)  LUNA:  $1100

Luna, the mare, is only 3 year old!


Luna was the only mare.  This girl was really, really pretty and she rode well!  I figured that some of the crowd would bid on her since she was the only mare.  I think her markings were good, too.

She sold for $1100.  Yay!

The ONLY mare!


7)  SAVVY:  $0,  no bids…  :(

Great expression!

I liked Savvy. He was quite nice, rode well, did all the right things…  He was sweet during the line-up.

No one bid.  I have no idea why.  So sad.

Savvy side view


8)  BUBBA-LOU:   $800



BUBBA-LOU was impressive.  He looked bigger than he was and he was well trained.  I think his confident expression was nice.

A few people bid on him.  He sold for $800.  Amazing price for this boy.

Nice gelding!


9)  Poco Rojo:  $1100

Look at his wavy forelock!

As you all know by now, I got caught in a bidding war from this boy!  I liked the small  ones!  (You can read about my bidding war here.)



He sounds like he has really learned to ride!
Looks calm.


11)  ZORRO:  $800


Great face.


OMG!  Another gorgeous horse that went for a very low price!  This guys was so pretty!  He knew all of his commands and looked totally solid.  I really liked him!  He sold for $800.




12)  PHOENIX:  $1300

Very striking and the biggest!  He may be the most valued.  Dunno.  Hard to predict.

He did go for the most!  And even that wasn’t much.  $1300.  He was beautiful, stately and well behaved.  A real find!


13)  FARM BOY:  $400

He is the only Paint so he will probably be the higest price, depeding upon his performance.


FARM BOY was the only Paint and they usually go for the most money.  But, not this time.  He sold for $400.

The sad part was that he just needed a year or so of filling out.  Really.  He seemed narrow and young.  But, he was one of the tallest so I imagine he was growing and just happened to be lean.  Anyway, he knew all of his cues and did a great job.  $400.  Only 3 bids.


14)  BIG DUNNY:  $800

BIG DUNNY went through last auction and was quite impressive.  He sold for $2300.  However, his adopter rejected him because he had gotten kicked.  So, Big Dunny was available again yesterday.

He was so gentle and gracious.  We all loved him.  If he wasn’t so big, I would have bid on him myself.  Besides his grace, he had twice as much training as all of the other horses.  This guy was a steal!  $800.



15)  ROBEAR (burro):  $200


OMG! The darling burro!!
Robear was too cute!  He sold to a woman who really wanted him.  $200.  She was the only bidder.
If you want a great, well-minded, sure-footed, sound and formidable horse, please go to the next Prison Trained Mustang Auction.  It will be at the prison, again, and during cold weather (Feb) so your chances of getting a great deal are HUGE!
IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, please support this program.
Oh, by the way, WILD HORSE VINEYARDS supports the Prison Trained Mustang program so you can always buy a bottle and raise a glass to toast the good fortune of these particular captured mustangs!
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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Diane Krage

    I am interested in Jackstraw-BLM # 2691,unsold at the 2011 Oct 8 Prisoner Trained Mustang Auction. Is he still available? If so where is he?
    He so resembles a treasured horse-long gone now. The photos of him produced an audible gasp.

    We are located in Grass valley CA. Able to transport in 3 horse slant. Four decades work with horses from conception to grave-respected them all, loved most. I need to put my money where my mouth is; NO MORE PUREBRED HORSES FOR US. PERIOD.

    We are first time- adopters of a wild one. Need to be very clear on fencing requirements. Ours are 3 board (2X6, 2X8 doug fir), avg. 48 inches high, woven wire 45 inches high in pastures. Ability to heighten large (20FTX 50FT)paddock fences adjacent to run-in stall. Large pastures available when horse is safely turned out. Three mares live with us now. 24/7 on- ranch caretaker when we are not present.

    Looking forward to any reply. Thanks for providing this great reference website and comment. Diane

  2. Kitty Bo

    I am excited about this andreally look forward to updates. I think you have done what many of us wish we could do. We will be Rojo’s cyber aunties, looking forward to updates on his new life. He really is a handsome hunk.

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