Remember when Annie ate my tree down to nothing?! Well, it is back!! Those worms are life savers!

Last year, Annie (because I had put her in the paddock instead of allowing her to run free in the 5 acres…) ravaged one of my brand new Mulberry trees.

You can read that story here.

Well… I was very concerned that it didn’t have enough limb to restore itself.  So, this Spring, I held my breath.

This was the tree BEFORE having been eaten by Annie.

The tree after Annie’s ravage.


To be honest, it was one of the very last trees to show any signs of life… but after I put in the Spring worms, IT STARTED TO BLOOM LEAVES!

The tree is BACK!

I can hardly believe it!  I find myself rooting for the little buds.  C’mon tree, you can do it!  Every day, I count the new leaves!

I’m so proud of my little stick tree! I’m so impressed that it came back! What an effort!

I count the leaves daily. I cannot believe it!!


Last year I told you about how I found the ‘worm lady’ here in Paso Robles… well, I bought more of the ‘premium gold’ worm castings that actually have live worms in the soil.  I put them all around my new trees and the vitality and health that came over them all was AMAZING.

Just two weeks ago, I put the same premium gold worm castings vermicompost (with live worms) all around my trees and flowers.  It has been since then that this tree started going crazy!

I’m going to wait a month and write another post showing all of my trees and flowers, so you can see how amazing vermicompost can be for your plants!!  (NO AFFILIATION)

She sells vermicompost with and without live worms – online.  The vermicompost lasts forever and is a fabulous product.

But, if you want the vermicompost with the live worms, you have to call/email her to see if she has any available when you want it.

Contact:  Black Diamond VermiCompost website:

Product Ordering Page:


Phone:  805.674.0194

Click to go to the ordering page

Click to go to website


One of our very supportive readers, Doris, sent 60 handmade cards for us to use as a promotion for the MAY BUCKET FUND KANSAS 53 horses.

Doris McQuiddy took all of these lovely, scenic photographs, printed them all, cut them to size, added her special signatures, added photos to the back –  and sent them to me FOR THE BUCKET FUND HORSES!!!!

Thank you, Doris!

Click the below buttons and we will send to you a selection of these handmade cards (shipping included)!  We only have limited sets so come get ’em!


–Set of 4 cards for $20 per set  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A SET OF 4 CARDS

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All the monies we will then donate to the May Drop in the Bucket Fund!  You will love these cards!  Such a bargain for all this love!

All the cards are beautiful and come with envelopes. I will select a nice set for you!

All beautiful photography by Dorothy McQuiddy. She created and printed these cards with love for the Bucket Fund horses.



Click here to read their story.  Click here to Donate!  Thank you!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

–We are  2/3 the way there to helping ALL 53 of these horses have a better life!

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She looks much better!



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  1. dawndi Post author

    I am not a rescue… I help rescues. Where do you live? Maybe I can point you to a nice rescue in your area.

  2. Laurie

    Dawn I just spent 2 hours this afternoon enjoying GINAS BLOG.
    She sure has a story of how God made a way for her and her husband with the land.
    Wow and what about those trees they planted….. what will and determination they had.
    God sure has weaved his golden thread through you Dawn and your posts to have Gina share hers!
    Thank you Dawn!
    Thank you Gina!

    Much luck and positive thoughts in the growth of your trees and land Dawn.
    You help so many readers.

  3. Pretty Pittie

    Gina: Your comment gave me a chuckle since, as another Indiana resident, I was going to make the same comment. I was unaware there was a fruitless variety available. Since they are such fast growing trees a fruitless one might be just the ticket when trying to get some natural shade quickly.

  4. dawndi Post author

    We, in CA, cannot plant oaks – only certain variety which is not the kind I like. All the natural oaks were cut for cattle grazing.
    Since we have water restrictions, the massive oaks we like have been banned. So, yes, the mulberry is the fruitless kind. The leaves are also
    good for natural horse worming – not that I want them to eat the leaves off the tree again! We just need SHADE fast!
    Your place is amazing!!

  5. Gina

    Interesting that you’re planting Mulberry on purpose. Is it a variety that doesn’t have fruit? Here in Indiana they are considered a pest; the birds eat the fruit and leave purple poop all over everything. Cars especially. We planted a few thousand trees (mostly conifers and oak) as windbreak and wildlife cover. Now those trees are big and all we get done is cut the Mulberries out of them, and it feels like a losing battle. If your Mulberry is like ours – it will do great – you’ll have a shade tree in just a few years. Here’s a story about our tree adventure

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