Ranch Rants and Smiles: Things that happened today around here…

On a daily basis, stuff happens around here.  With 8 horses, 2 dogs, 4 cats and all kinds of wildlife activity… I’m noticing ‘things’ all day long.

Today, I had my phone with me so I documented it all.


I groomed Dalton and was amazed by his beautiful, natural mane highlights. No Covid shutdowns of beauty parlors for this guy…

Do you play this game with your horse? Pick long grass and when the roots come out, well, the horse doesn’t want the dirt part… so grab the roots and let him bite and pull, like he naturally would when grazing. Dalton loves to do this! That’s me holding onto the roots while he pulls.

Norma Jean is pissed at me. I put on her grazing muzzle and she was very upset – probably because I put it on incorrectly… and I didn’t notice until I took it off.

As I was doing chores, I noted Norma Jean in stealth mode. (It was hot yesterday and she has not yet shed.)

Yup. Now you see why I have a panel in front of the hay. It is supposed to keep her OUT. She uses the hay as a climbing gym and if a bale is opened, she will throw it all over the place. Vivey is very, very agile.

Fixing the irrigation is an ongoing process. Here, someone pulled out the emitter and there was a spray.

But I noticed BG was very eager to be sprayed… so before I fixed it, I pointed it towards her and she ran through the sprinkler.

Grumpy Norma, wearing her muzzle, decided to eat the tree leaves instead of trying to get grass bits. Thanks, Norma.

As I was putting shavings in her pen, I noticed that Norma had come over. She was so perplexed as to why I was looking at her from where she usually looks at me!

And lastly… of course, Missy Miss and Mo created their own new window before throwing both of their buckets out for me to notice. Clearly telling me that they want them filled again, please. Sigh.

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