Questions answered from yesterday!

Yesterday, I wrote about BG.  I told of her recurring hives and how I haven’t found a cure.  But, in separating her to try to tend to her in the best way possible, I found that she liked all the extra attention.  She is blooming.

BG is now in the huge paddock, where she used to live with Finn and Wrigley… but this time she is only with Gwen

QUESTIONS about BG and what might be causing it/cures

Many of you asked if STRESS could be her issue.

Well, possibly.  She has lived with Finn and Wrigley for many, many years.  But, Wrigley is a bold and pushy horse.  Even though BG is higher up on the pecking order, she may feel the stress of always having to deal with him.

I could separate Wrigley, but he gets very emotional and breaks fences and gates.  If you remember, about 5 years ago, he was the one running around with the gate around his neck…

So best to separate BG and let Finn deal with Wrigley, because Wrig is deathly afraid of Finn, for now…

Another question was about prednisolone (prednisone for horses).  I have not tried that and will try it if what I am trying doesn’t work – and the vet prescribes it.

The last question was about herbs.  I’m using FOR THE LOVE OF THE HORSE skin allergy remedy now.  PLATINUM SKIN AND ALLERGY was recommended.  I will try it if needed.

This paddock is large and still green.


Today, after grazing on all this green grasses/herbs/weeks with Gwen, BG decided to follow Gwen into her pasture.  This was a new idea.  Gwen has lived with Finn, Wrigley and BG previously, but I removed her because someone kicked Gwen and since Gwen is older now, I didn’t want to risk her health.

But I hadn’t put Gwen in with BG alone.  I know they are OK with each other.  They aren’t friends but they don’t hate one another.  I’m not too worried about them together in the largest paddock I have because there is plenty of ‘getaway’ room and I don’t think BG is aggressive anyway.

We will see.  As of tonight, they were clearly social distancing, but not fretting at all.

And, Finn was happy because I put him and Wrigley in the next door pasture.

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This baby was caught in a barbed wire fence.

He was freed from the fence and treated…


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  1. dawndi Post author

    OH MY GOSH. You made my month. As I sit here, out of work and writing in a vacuum, you taking the time to write this
    has really brightened my world! Thank YOU.

  2. Natalie

    As a Critical Infrastructure Worker, I’m grateful to have a job, but so fearful. I read you blog every day at lunch, and I just want to thank you for the few minutes of serenity you provide your readers every day, even in the storm of this pandemic. Like most horse lovers, I forget about everything else when I read about your trials and triumphs with your horses and donks. Really, really … thank you.

  3. Vonnie Jones

    Your story of Talking with Dodger moved me to tears. I shed many when you lost him, too, but I love the thought that there is a Universal connection…if only we could communicate all the time. I would so love to make that connection with some dearly departed pets…or even the ones in my household right now. I shared your story with several others, who were also deeply moved. Thanks for sharing with us.

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