Putting on my Lorax Hat!

Spring is my favorite time of year, I think, because I like to see nature awaken and bloom!

Now it is Summer and the leaves on the trees are full so we can see how healthy and how tall the trees have grown.

In the 2nd and 3rd year of my life here in Paso Robles, I planted over 82 trees.  Today, I walked around and took several photographs to compare the growth!

PS:  I planted over 80 trees because the only trees on the entire 10 acre property were around the house (they are very nice).  The horses had no shade.


This California Pepper tree (I love them) was planted 2 years ago. It struggled the first 2 years, but coming into year 3, it is finally taking off!

These trees are in their third summer. They are actually HUGE. Way taller than I am, and very full. I should have put a person in here for you to see the differences. This is all part of Marty’s Alley.

This is another part of Marty’s Alley. Here you can really perceive the growth in the California Peppers.  This is a nice wind break, too.

Here we have the alley between what was the Norma/Dodger pen on the left and the catch pen on the right. These trees, two fruitless Mulberry trees and a Poplar in the middle, are going nuts!  This little corner provides a lot of shade for the residents of these two paddocks.

Here are 3 Raywood Ashes. You can only see 2 in the After photo… but they are doing really well except the third one, which snapped during heavy wind. But, it still lives, it is just short now. Short and bushy.

I’m not standing in the same place here, clearly… because the sheds are so much bigger on the left… but I had to stand back to get the entire tree in the photo. (Yes, I hope to paint those sheds this summer while we are still on lockdown.)

Yes, this is a bush that looks like a weed… and grows like a weed. These are what were the tiny grape vines that were here when we moved in. They are creeping and getting huge!

Here is a cluster of tiny grapes!

Here we have the orange tree that was here when we moved in… and 2 years ago I added a mandarin and a grapefruit tree. As you can still see, there is one grapefruit on the little tree on the right. The orange tree on the left was LOADED this year – approx 100 oranges! the Mandarin tree has not fruited yet, but it did have blossoms this year.

And this is my cherry tree. It was a sickly twig when it was planted. Last year it was healthy but small. This year, it is reaching for the sky!  (You can see Marty’s Alley in the distance.  There are 29 trees creating shade and a wind break in Marty’s Alley.)

I use Black Diamond Vermicompost… no affiliation, I just love this business – created and owned by a brilliant soil person.

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