PUPDATE! 8 months old!

Today, the puppies go in to be spayed.  I know they will be sore afterwards, so I’ve washed all of their bedding and have made their area very soft and comfy.  Poor babies.

The girls have not slowed down AT ALL.  Vivienne (black) and Violet (tri) are never, ever tired.  I think they sleep when they are inside at night – because they are bored.

Mom is a Walker Coon Hound.  Dad, we think, was a lab mix.  Both are like bullets shot from a gun when we open the doors for them to go OUT.  And they stay out all day – or until they get hot.   Neither ever sit still.  Vivienne rules the roost and is also much more dainty and lithe.  Violet loves everyone and loves to jumpjumpjumpjump all the time. Vivienne looks down on that type of behavior…  Actually, Vivienne is discerning on just about everything… whereas Violet is happygolucky.   Vivienne is affectionate at meal time… Violet is always full of hugs and kisses – and will come when called.  Vivienne runs when called.  Violet pushes through every open door (even the partially cracked garage door we leave opened for the cats) and sneaks cat food whenever possible.  Vivienne adheres to the rules, of course, but isn’t above nabbing a cat food dish when the coast is clear.

It is hard to believe that they came from the same litter!  They are perfect wrestlemania partner and we are very in love with them both!

After being in the doggie daycare for 2 weeks while we were in Wyoming, they have forgotten about potty training.  Oy.  I am starting all over…

And, they still wake me up at 2:30am and 4:30am every morning.  We tried crate training but they banged on the crates all night long.  Not sure which is worse…



OK, this happened today… they suddenly realized that there was a window into my bathroom.

This was the moment I picked them up from day care after we were gone for 2 weeks in Wyoming.

Serious, discerning Vivienne.

Happy go lucky, lovey Violet. Here she is, laying on her new puppy potty pad. sigh.

The ‘can we go OUT?’ faces.

This is the “Let me back in… it’s really HOT” face.

This could go either way… it could be the “C’mon back out and play!!!” face from Vivienne.

Or the, “Mom, I IMPLORE you to please let my sister inside because it is HOT out there!” from Violet.


REMEMBER WHEN… just six and a half months ago…


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  1. Peggy Fisher

    Each puppy in a litter could have a different father. So these girls could be half-sisters

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