Princess Buttercup Pebbles and Natty – feet flying!

Last week, I told you that Princess Buttercup Pebbles loves, LOVES, LOVES to ruuuuunnnn!

She also really loves to run with Natty.

She is about 3-4 years old now.  He is 2.  Both are still babies and act like little kids, which always keeps us entertained.

Here is the video!

Note, Natty has all 4 feet off of the ground in this shot.  PBP has 2 feet off of the ground.  And they’re off!

Click to watch video


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  1. Joanne Stefanyshyn (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

    I could swear PBP is wagging her tail (just like Natty) every now and then, too, out of pure joy. Thank you for this lovely look at two happy, content animals!

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