Poor Troubadour…

OK, I think I failed Troubadour a little bit.  You see, I posted his February Emergency Bucket Fund story on a Friday – last Friday.  I knew better.  I never post big stories on Fridays… because those are the least read days, followed by Sat/Sun and Monday – also more quiet days.  Because I made that decision, Troubadour’s Bucket is not very full.  I let him down.

So, I’m posting about Troubadour again, now, today.

He was left in horrid conditions and he is in very poor health.  Pictures tell 1000 words.  IF you have Starbucks money or car seat change, please donate to this sweet, stunted 4 year-old TWH baby stud.  He needs food, care, worming, dental work,  skin treatments and to be gelded once he is strong enough.  Thank you in advance!

All donations are 100% tax deductibleMany, Many thanks!  We are $750 away from our goal to help this sweet, kind, trusting boy… who allowed rescuers to halter him and – gently – lead him out of there!

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Nails everywhere, broken pallets, sharp metals, thick manure, filthy water and no food. That hay was thrown there when the owner saw animal control.

Horrible conditions. A very depressed, young horse.  That nasty liquid in the cooler was the only water available.

He is very skinny and has skin issues – besides having worn a calf halter way too high and tight on his face.  That hay was put out there the morning he was rescued.  He had no food earlier.

As soon as he was released, he dove into this muddy water. It was better than what he had.


Vet report


What a fine, young horse.  He deserves a boost after what he has endured.  Thank you!

Troubadour with a halter that fits, and a good grooming session.

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