Poem for a War Horse.

I have always thought this was such a kind gesture because someone, somewhere, recognized the War Horse long enough to write this poem.

I like seeing humanity in humans.


I was pulled from my field, from my work, from my play,
Ne’er again to see England, in lands far away,
Through death and destruction, through blood sweat and tears,
I carried my master, along with my peers,
So I ask you to remember a while,
Along with the soldiers, in smart rank and file,
Remember our beauty, the strength of our kind,
As we galloped through danger, without care to mind,
For we were the horses thrust into war,
And we gave up our lives for your peace evermore.
The War Horse, 1914 – 1918

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  1. Brian H Pedersen

    who is that guy on this picture ?? a need a name :) he looks exactly like me!

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