I planted trees today! I feel like Johnny Appleseed!!

A few weeks ago, when the guys were putting up the shelter, I had them also dig 13 holes for trees I had purchased at Lowe’s.

The guys had rented a hole digger, so I figured it was a good idea.  I am lousy at digging holes myself.  I can improve on holes already started… but I cannot penetrate the earth very well.

Anyway, I’ve had these holes scattered around for a few weeks now.  All of them held upside-down buckets in the meantime because I was afraid guests would fall in.

No one did.

Anyway, today was the day!

Johnny Appleseed on duty!

Norma and Dodger got 2 Mulberries and 2 Poplars.


Annie got trees on both sides of her paddock today!

The first set I planted were two Mullberries and 2 Poplars.  After about a minute, Annie took a chunk out of the poplar near her mouth… so I had to make a big wooden “X” on the fence to keep her mug OUT.

Here you can see my big “X” to keep Annie from eating the poplar.


This was the aisle that I had to cease work last week (because we lost our Grass Valley tenants).  I had planned on putting a wood aisle all the way down to the bottom of the hill and then cross fencing to both corners.  This would have allowed Annie and Gwen to be out all the time, as well as Finn, BG, Wrig, Missy Miss and Mo.

Now we are waiting on that… but I still had two trees to start the future ‘ tree studded aisle’.

Today, I added 2 Raywood Ash trees to the aisle.  Now we have 3 there.  The new trees are tiny compared to the Granddaddy at the front of the property, but they will grow. Such pretty trees!

I planted the first Raywood Ash a few weeks ago… Now I added the other two. (The horses you see are – up front is BG, Finn is next, then Wrig, Mo is in the back and Missy Miss is the little body you see in front of Mo.)


Gwen always stands in one spot when she is resting.  So, I gave her a tree.  I’m sure she was not impressed as it is young and skinny… .

Gwen got a Quaking Aspen. I bought it because Quaking Aspens remind me of Wyoming.   I think I should have purchased a few – to make a grove.   I know their roots connect when planted together.

Hubby said that he thinks a Quaking Aspen won’t survive in our area… we’ll just see about that!  I will do my best!

Gwen’s Quaking Aspen tree.


Our two sheds are unbearable to enter just about most of the Spring and Summer.  Too.  Hot.  I thought that a few trees to shade them might really help.

I added a Pepper Tree, a cherry tree and a Sycamore up there.

The little Pepper Tree looks so itty bitty next to the giant pepper tree that already exists nearby.

Here are the 3 trees I put behind the sheds. A Sycamore, a tiny cherry and a Pepper..

Here you can see the tiny, new Pepper tree, next to a HUGE pepper tree.

Here are the sheds and the new trees are behind the sheds. We hope that the trees will grow and create shade – hopefully to cool the sheds.


I love apple trees.  So, that was the 10th tree today.  I should have purchased the one that already had fruit on it.  That would have been clever of me.  But instead, I went for the Fuji.  I have no idea if it is a male or female.

But, it is planted.  Near the horses, of course!

My tiny little apple tree!


The last photo I took.

Annie is in the way back – she’s actually in the 5 acres, visiting Missy Miss across the fence – in the background.

Here we have Wrig on the right, Missy Miss on the left and Annie in the far back.


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