Plans, Plans, PLANS!

I started a commercial last week so now I am planning for fencing and shelters and trees!

Below is a pictorial of a few projects in the works…

I’m sure this pic looks like nothing… but it will be something! I tied two twine pieces on these posts because I am going to split this field down the middle. For 48ft of the new middle fenceline, I’m going to create a double fence, 8′ apart, so that I can plant trees inside the paddock. The twine is indicating between which posts we’ll create the tree area. Annie is helping me with this task. Anyway, this will divide Annie/Norma and Dodger so that I can tend to the little ones without Annie acting pouty nearby. Both new paddocks will have a gate that leads to the big 5 acres pasture.

I went to Lowe’s and purchased two trees and a few other plants. I walked around today, trying to make the best placement decisions according to rain, wind, shade and sun.

Here I have two different types of jasmine in my cart. I love fragrant flowers!  Behind them, I have a sage plant that I purchased for Hubby to put in his herb garden.

Scoutypants, the Barn Manager and Floppy kitty were helping.  (Behind the card, right where the big pile of bark exists currently, is where we will plant the Raywood Ash.  It will signify the beginning of the long aisle.  A place to sit in the shade and watch the horses in the lower fields.

I cannot move these big tubs of dirt… so I figured I’d plant them.  They are right in front of the guest bathroom which looks out to the neighbor’s house and a shelter (not pretty). So, I bought these metal sculptures that are meant for climbing plants. I positioned them so that (hopefully) the climbing plants will fill the area and block the view of the shelter and neighbor’s house.

This Raywood Ash is finally about to be planted. I was having a difficult time deciding where, but Hubby and I made a decision today! It will go at the head of the aisle between the two paddocks. We will put a bench under it so guests can sit there and watch the horses (referred to in earlier pic.).

The tiny jasmine tree I planted looks so puny in this big trough… I hope it grows and grows! It was fun untangling the fronds and putting them on this trellis. I put the other jasmine on the trellis next door.

Well, they look kinda puny but it will be nice when they fill in.

And a very exciting project is this area! 335ft of fenceline on the far side behind the big shelter and against the neighbor’s house… I will be planting 29 trees! There is a 12′ width here. The goal is to plant trees and eventually continue this aisleway so that I can work the horses somewhere!  I’m creating a loop system around a few of the paddocks. I cannot wait for the shade trees to arrive!!  (Thank you, MT)

Lastly, here is the shelter on the ground (Thank you, MT) that will be erected for grooming, farrier and whatever else might come up. So excited! it took a few weeks but I’ve decided upon a location for this much needed shelter to tether and tend to horses safely. On the left is Missy Miss Eden, then Wrigley and then MO, watching on the right.


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  1. Shelley S

    You might want to consider making the tree aisle between the paddocks larger than 8ft. Take out a tape measure and starting at a point straight up from the point of Annie’s shoulder at the top of her neck, measure up along her neck, between her ears, then down to the tip of her nose. I’ll just BET it’s approaching 3 1/2 – 4ft, which means she’ll be eating those trees before they are even establishing roots.

    How do I know this? We planted some trees here when we moved in 5 years ago. My truly amazing in so many ways, but relatively green in terms of horses husband placed the fence closer to our new trees than I wanted. So we ended up with several $30-50 dead sticks outside, but not far enough outside the paddock. ::sigh::

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