PICTURE DAY! (The farrier was here!)

I call farrier day, Picture Day!

Everyone was good today except for a minor mishap with Missy Miss.  She didn’t want to have fly spray while she was in the cross ties, so she left (the halter broke).  Unfortunately, she ran behind the trailer which inadvertently trapped herself.  She won’t do that again – she immediately realized that she was cornered – and she gave up.

So, no real mishaps.  Everyone made me proud today.


Wrigley was first and he was a very good boy. I think having him out in the 5 acres all night was a good idea before the farrier comes…

Mo watched.

Gwen loves farrier day because she gets apples! Here she is, standing perfectly in the cross ties that Fernando made. (Note the halter strap not inside the buckle…)

This is Missy Miss. She is back in her paddock but her feet are done. She escaped the cross ties. The last hole of the halter buckle gave way. That is why you always put the halter strap INTO the buckle, which I never do.

This is BG. She was perfect. Notice how her nostrils match her ears!

Wrigley and Mo are very compatible.

This is Finn, giving me cookie face.

Fernando working on Norma Jean. The tree above her which provided nice shade, was also dropping leaves on poor Norma.

This is our old gent Dodger. He slept mostly through his pedicure. That is Norma behind him, showing off her new toes.

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