Picture Day here in Paso Robles… Fernando came 2 hours early!!

So I had been up for about 10 minutes… padding around the house… I had just gotten my coffee.

Ding!  A text.

Hmmmm.  I look at my phone and it’s Fernando.  He’s here early to beat the heat.

Aaaaaaaagh!!  I raced to put on some not-pajama clothes and then casually walked outside with my unkempt hair stuffed into a random hat near the door.

Me (trying to sound awake):  Hi!

Fernando:  Did I wake you up?

Me:  No, but kinda.

So I grabbed the first horse (Wrigley) and gave him to Fernando while I fed the others and went back inside to eat something, grab my checkbook and phone.

Not surprisingly, I totally forgot to take pics while he was working.  I only remembered on the last horse, Gwen.  I think I was finally awake by then.  After all, I hadn’t had any of my now cold coffee.

The great news is that we were done by 9:30am!  Plenty of time to have a full day of doing other lockdown stuff.


Gwen. I finally remembered to take a pic. This girl takes really good care of herself. She’s 25 this year…

I brought out apple pieces for everyone after Fernando left. Here is Dalton, licking his chops after his apple.

You cannot see, but Norma is standing in front of her fan. She is much perkier since I put her in with Dalton. She likes him. He keeps her moving.

Missy Miss, standing pretty.

Wrigley was especially good because he was hungry… (He was the first and he’s asleep, too…)

The is BG. She was walking over for her apple piece.

Of course, Finn, being Finn…


Dalton took Hubby’s hat off of my head while I was holding him… so I put it on him!

In my haste, I had grabbed Hubby’s hat. Dalton took it off of my head while I was holding him, so I put it on him. He seemed pleased.

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