PHOTOS from Farrier day! Most of the horses were smiling…

The farrier came today!

All were good except for BG (she always tenses when doing her back feet) and Missy Miss who was just being a pill, for some reason… Well, actually, I know the reason… she’s a brat.  If I don’t pay enough attention to her, she has that, “I’m not your friend, Make me…” attitude.

So, note to self, spend more time with Missy Miss, doing stuff she needs to do.

Everyone else was good.  Even Wrigley!!


Fernando is so kind to Dodger’s old limbs…

Norma Jean was not into this today – but she did it.

Missy Miss was a PILL. You can see by her ears, she’s thinking about what she can get away with next…

BG is OK with the fronts, but always thinks too hard on the rears. She is nervous on how to raise her foot… she does it with me, too, at home. But at home, we have time to work through it. Fernando does his best to take it slow with her back end.  (She has been vet checked.)

This was before… BG is asking me if she really has to do this today.

Gwendolyn with her newly trimmed hoofs – and her incredibly long mane flowing in the breeze!

Even Wrigley was good! We do him first now. That seems to help. He isn’t all worked up after watching everyone else. Now he is first and it is over before he remembers to be bad.

Yes, Finn is fat. He doesn’t move around much. I have to start chasing him around or something. He is just fat and happy. And a good boy – always.


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