PHASE 2 OF MY PLANS! Why does everything take sooooo loooong? (I’m impatient.)

Well, this is the busy time of year for everybody, it seems.  All work has to be done after the rains and before the heat – which is NOW.  Weed whackers, tractors and every kind of machinery seem to be going all hours around the neighborhood.

Except on my place.

Well, that is how it seems, anyway.  Now that I finally have the paycheck to accomplish what I have been planning, I just want it to happen!  Patience.  Patience.  Patience.

After all, if I got it all done right away, I wouldn’t have anything to dream about!

Alas, this is what happened last weekend.


First of all, Hubby was fixing the driver seat “forward and backwards thing” in my truck… and Spock Kitty made a new home on it.

He had been in a fight the night before… so I let him stay in the seat. You can see the scratches to his face, poor guy.  Just for any of you who are interested, Spock was a feral kitty.  He isn’t feral now.  Biggest lover ever!

The guys were here again, creating the smaller paddock for Norma and Dodger to have when they need to get away from Annie.  I also plan on putting a shelter ‘sick bay’ in the smaller paddock.

The posts are 8′ apart so that I can put trees in the middle.

Funny, in Oregon, we never used these kinds of things… the ground was so easy to dig.

Here you can see that Annie will still have a nice sized paddock. Dodger and Norma will have the smaller area with the shaded dogleg.

In the meantime, one of the other guys was spreading the mountain of bark I had delivered during the rainy season.

The bark guy and I had a miscommunication. I wanted him to fill in the gap between the hill and the flat… he made the hill look prettier instead. (Horses are Finn and BG.)

The bark guy found these objects during his digging…

This was a perfect time for all the work to happen around Norma and Dodger because they were stuck in this corral while Norma is on meds for her bladder infection. So, that worked out!  (Norma is much better, thank you!)  You can see the very tiny horses in the distant pasture.  Those are Annie and Gwen.

A tree! I purchased a few trees at Lowe’s and planted this one here. Those bricks were already spread around so I just made a circle. I need to doll up this area a bit.  The horse is Finn.

I found some pavers laying around so I put them here to make a little area for this Redbud. This is REALLY FULL sun… so I’m still deciding if this is a good spot or not.

Again, just placing items I found at Lowe’s. A rose and 2 jasmine. If I like it in the morning, I will plant them.  I think I want more color here.

Another blank area. I’m thinking of adding another orange tree and maybe an avocado. The healthy tree you see there is a fruiting orange!  The blossoms just finished – and they were heavenly!

This is the Raywood Ash that I purchased last summer. It will go where the pile of bark was heaped.

I need to thin out these irises…

Another project is to either learn how to build planter boxes… or find someone who knows how to build them. The outside of the house would be so much cheerier with color!  I’m thinking the previous owners had flower boxes and took them when they left.

This is the far end of the property, against our neighbor’s house. Two weeks ago, we created a double fence so I could plant trees and give the horses some shade over there.  This weekend, the holes were dug! 29 holes for trees along that fence line.

Standing where I took the last photo, looking back towards our property… those horses are Annie and Gwen. Phase 5-7 Project is fencing areas in this 5 acres pasture.

This is me turned the other way – up the hill. These paddocks will eventually have 30 trees lining the left side of this photo. You can see by the triangle shadow which way the sun beats. So the trees will be a nice addition.  The horse is Missy Miss Eden.  Mo is in the right corner.

Mo watches everything I do.  He’s a very sweet and funny donkey!

Eggs! I finally got my ladder and climbed up to take this photo. The nest is in the corner of the roof and the drain pipe. I have never seen the Mom that is sitting on these. I just hear her fly off whenever I open the sliding door to my office. I sure hope these hatch!!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    They are barn cats, so they have indoor/outdoor rights. I have not lost one
    because I feed them, too. They don’t have to work… Mostly, they are my kitty pals.

  2. Kitty

    I hope you keep your cat inside. Outdoor cats don’t last too long. There’s too many hazards outside. My uncle wouldn’t listen to me and his orange tabby died from an incurable infection from fighting. Too many other things outside to kill them too!

  3. Angie Friehauf

    What a lovely nest….its picture-perfect, and Robins. How lucky you are to have them nesting so close! They will come back every year. :)

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