OUR DONATION RECEIPT to Rood and Riddle ER Equine hospital for July’s Bucket Fund Foal, Little Gus, who sadly, did not survive.

It is so sad to write this because Gus didn’t make it…  (Read updated post on Gus here) but also uplifting that we are helping Heart of Phoenix Rescue with their vet bills for Gus.  The Horse and Man Group helping HPR, allows for more horses to be rescued.

In less than 24 hours of fund raising, we were able to donate $1100 to Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital for little Gus.

Thank you, everyone, for coming together with prayers and donations.  THANK YOU.

EVERYONE did everything they could to help him… And, internally, he would have recovered. But something happened to his front leg tendons and ligaments. He was unable to stand for long periods and he would not have been able to carry his own weight as he grew.

Receipt from Rood and Riddle

Our receipt from Pay Pal.

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