Oops! I forgot to post the Bucket Fund receipts for both February and May! Here they are!

Well, not exactly… I posted updates and put receipts in there because both of these Bucket Funds needed funds before the end of the month… Sometimes that happens and we are happy to oblige.

So, for February:  Troubadour!

Troubadour was the colt who was found in awful conditions… you remember…

Troubadour conditions…

And at the end of the month, he was looking much better:

Troubadour after getting out of there and being cared for by Heart of Phoenix.

Receipt for payment to Heart of Phoenix for Troubadour.


You remember our May Bucket Fund babies… Little Mo who was trapped with wild stallions, Wrigley who was found alone and dehydrated and Roy, found next to his deceased mother.

Well, they are all doing great and adopted!  Isn’t that wonderful!  Here is the update.

I had to split the payment because of the FB funding source goes into the Foundation checking account – not the Pay Pal account.

This is the Pay Pal receipt.


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