One of our Bucket Fund foals, BABY SUNSHINE, needs a hernia operation and is donating $10 TO THE BUCKET FUND for every calendar sold! (The calendar is only $14.95 and it is GREAT!)

Can you believe how generous Hoofprints is to donate 75% ($10) of the price of this wonderful calendar?!  

Every calendar purchased through this link for $14.95, will donate $10 to Baby Sunshine’s Bucket Fund for her hernia surgery!!

If you need a calendar, please get this one!  Give them to all of your friends and customers!  It is filled with beautiful photos, coupons, gift ideas, more coupons, discount codes… It’s GREAT! You will never run out of ideas for horsey gifts!   Such a deal at a very reasonable price AND they give $10 of that reasonable price directly to our October Bucket Fund and Sunshine!

Thank you in advance!  We hope they sell out for Sunshine!

This is Mama Grace, the very skinny 24 year-old mustang that was gathered this month with her newborn filly, Sunshine – and both are benefactors of our October Drop in the Bucket Fund. Sunshine needs a hernia operation this week!


So, I made a little video showing you my calendar, so you’d know what you were getting for $14.95 (and a $10 donation to the BF!)  This is a great value added calendar.

Here is a link to the video….

Click this image to watch the little video I made about this calendar. This photo is MARCH and gorgeous and I love it. I also love the Sweetbird Studio pendants the horse is wearing on his bridle. You can get these at a discount at – or use the coupon in this calendar and donate $10!

I’ve written a few posts out of this amazing book, Hollywood Hoofbeats. Now it is featured on the calendar!! This is another wonderful item with a coupon!  This photo is from MAY.

Of course we LOVE Michael Johnson, the author of Healing Shine and The Trials of Joe Ben Black! Here he is in the Calendar for February and there is a coupon for his books!! I’m telling you, this calendar has tons of perks – not to mention the $10 donation to the Bucket Fund!

With this calendar, you will never run out of gift ideas AND you’ll get coupons to boot!  The last page has a bunch of great items AND HORSEY CHRISTMAS CARDS! TELL THEM you ordered because of Horse and Man and get a calendar, too!



October Bucket Fund:  SKINNY, 24 year-old mustang mare and her new baby, plus 4 orphaned mustang foals – all from last week’s roundups – rescued! At least we can help a few of the hundreds now separated from their families and in holding pens.

Click here to read their story.  Click here to donate!  THANK YOU.  All donations are $100% tax deductible.


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