One image says it all… cat, horses, dogs.

So yesterday, I heard the dogs barking and whining like crazy people.  Clearly, either they had found the motherlode, were being attacked by ants, or some animal was just outside of reach… you know what I mean.

Yup, I jumped into my boots and ran outside.  I figured I’d find an old skunk who they had cornered, maybe a possum under a car/truck… or perhaps a crow taunting them with cat food.

But no.


What I found was this:

I CAN SURMISE… and so can you…

So, obviously, the dogs turned away as soon as I arrived.  “Wasn’t us…”.

The horses are standing united – because they like the cats better than the dogs.  And of course, they love a good taunt just as much as anyone.

And the cat… that cat… this is my only male cat.  He is huge and sweet and SMART.  When I’m walking around, he will grab my leg and actually hold me back for a fraction of a second; he is THAT strong.  Every time he sees me, he meows so loudly and longingly, you’d think he was in love (or that I’m the food lady).

Anyway, that cat had the ultimate tease.  As you can see, he is not worried at all. He knows he can always get away.  He knows that the dogs are just puppies (he’s raised several dogs including Scoutypants) and he’s not afraid of any dogs… and he knows that I’m inside and will come out – like I did – when the dogs go insane with yappitis.

These are the moments that make my day.

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