One-Eyed Pon and the Donkettes.

I think this is their album cover…

The One-Eyed Pon and the Donkettes.

Norma Jean, Princess Buttercup Pebbles, Ethel Merdonk and Rocky Balboa.


First, Shetland Pony, “Rocky Balboa”.  Hubby loves this pony… And, actually, this is the first horse that I didn’t have previous to Hubby who Hubby thinks likes him best.   So, I let Hubby name him.

After about an hour outside with the Pony, Hubby came running in, “I got it!  Rocky Balboa!  I mean, he is feisty and well, LOOK AT HIS EYE.  Cut me, Mick!  It is perfect.”

So, Rocky Balboa it is.  And, truth be told, it fits.  This little guy is very willing to fight, but once he trusts you, he is melty butter.  He’ll put his head against your forehead and just fall asleep.

I’m not sure if he is defensive because he lost an eye… or he lost the eye because he is so defensive.  Dunno.  In any event.   He is adorable.  I still cannot touch his hind end, but he allows me to touch him to his shoulder.

The vet was out today.  He says that the eye injury is all healed.  It doesn’t hurt him and no surgery is needed.  Evidently, the eye was punctured and it just fizzled up and there is nothing left.  I was worried that he had a foxtail in there, but the vet said that I was seeing his eyelashes which had sunken back.  He said he would remove the eyelashes, once the pony was totally settled and easy to work with.  But, he assured me that there was no pain involved.  It happens to people, too.

Sounded fair.

Oh, and the vet thinks he is 10 or 11.  A youngster!

Here is the eye. That pink is all healed and granulated. The brown stripe are his eyelashes. I asked about the tearing and he said it was clear and not to worry… but he must wear a flymask during fly season. I should worry if the drainage is pusslike and cream colored.

Next, Ms Ethel Merdonk.  If you don’t know Ethel Merman, here is a You Tube video.  She’s loud, sings a lot (loudly) and is pushy.  Yup.  This perfectly describes Ethel Merdonk.

Ethel Merdonk

Ethel Merdonk’s bray is AMAZING.  I’m sure my neighbors don’t agree… it is throaty and huge and sounds like a Wookie.  If you don’t know what a wookie sounds like, come over… or listen to this video Chewbaca:  :36 – :56 sounds exactly like Ethel Merdonk at 6am..

Not only does she have an extraordinary bray… she is very, very pushy.  “Outta my way, see … youze guys, outta my way!”  She pushes Norma Jean and the little donkey out of the way all the time.

She’s also very, uh, FAT.  Her mane flops over because it is huge and cresty.  She is also a little ROUND.  Vet thinks she is approximately 20.  I agree.   She looks how Norma did (in the face) when she was about 20.  Kinda grey and a bit lip-floppy.

I doubt Ethel has been handled much.  I can pet her face and her chest.  Ethel actually purrs when you pet her chest.  It is very cute.  But so far, that’s it.  She is very skittish if anyone moves fast.  So I am very slow around them all.

LASTLY,  meet Princess Buttercup Pebbles.  This girl is as cute as they come.  Adorable.  And absolutely sweet as sugar.  Honest, kind, amazed eyes.  That mop-top reminds me of Pebbles… and just the loveliest demeanor.  So, Princess Buttercup Pebbles.

Princess Buttercup Pebbles

I don’t believe she has been handled much either.  However, she comes to me with those big, wet, chocolate brown peepers and asks for treats every morning.  She is really adorable.  I think she is young – maybe 3.  Poor girl is very timid still.  I can rub her mop top and her shoulder, but nowhere else so far.

Her bray is dainty… Perfect.

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  1. Vicki J Wisher

    Hi, so nice to see that your new herd members are acclimating to their new home. As for Rocky Balboa and his missing eye, did your vet suggest stitching the eye shut permanently? I don’t know if you are a fan of “Bee Haven Acres . . . Tales From a Farm” blog. Their beautiful Moonbeam “Moonie” (a Haflinger) recently had an eye removed (due to cancer) and their vet stitched the eye shut permanently and it is healing nicely. Here’s a link to one of the blog posts about the procedure:

    Take care to all!

  2. Calvin48

    Concerning the Saturday post; that photo of the phases of the moon would be over a month, not 24 hours. Also, it was on Black Hole’s Twitter account and there was a discussion as to the verity of the representation of the moon. The general consensus was that it was not 28 moonrises photographed into a conglomerate, but a photoshopped effort. Just sayin’.

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