As I sit before you, I’m in shock – a bit.

I mean, I knew we were buying a house… but it took so long – and we jumped so many hoops – that now that the day is here, I’m a bit slack-jawed.

We ended up with the Blue House, not the strawbale house (although we almost ended up with the strawbale house – long story).

Anyway, I saw the blue house once, on a foggy morning for 30 minutes.  That’s it.  The second time we were going to have a viewing, only Hubby went because I couldn’t make the drive down.  So, I am a bit scared on what I think I have and what I really have – or however I should say that…  I’m not sure if I glamorized the house or if I passed through so quickly I didn’t catch all the nuance.  I don’t really know what I have, except that it was the best house we could afford that had most of what we needed after 2 years of looking (at least).

The Blue house. 10 acres. No fences or shelters. So much to plan!

The Blue house. 10 acres. No fences or shelters. So much to plan!


So today, Scouty and I are going to pack up, drive the 5.5 hours and go look at the house again.  Tthe propane isn’t hooked up yet because we needed to be there to let them in, so that will happen tomorrow (no hot water or cooking tonight).  Also, no fridge…

I’m bringing Scout because the property manager for the rental of the Grass Valley house wants to show the house tomorrow and I didn’t want Scouty to be loose and jump on the people or have to be locked up in the barn for 48 hours.  And, she’ll be a good driving companion since Hubby is training out of town.  It will be just Scout and me in the big, new, drafty house tonight.  WOW!

We don’t yet have internet or TV (in fact, I’m not sure how to get internet there yet), so I’ll probably simply read all night and then in the morning, I’ll go out and suss the pasture situation.  I know there are no trees and no shade.  But, I have to figure out the most cost effective way to erect fencing and shelters for the 10 horses so I can move them down ASAP.   But, I also want to be mindful to create the pastures so that they still make sense later when I have more money to do it right.

Where will I eventually put the barn?  Where will I put all their hay and feed in the meantime?  Where will I put all the other stuff I have that was in my previous barn?  How will I keep Scouty inside the perimeter for now and for later?  Where will the cats go without a barn?  Where is the sunrise and sunset?  From where does the wind blow?  Rain?  Which direction should I put the shelters?  Where should I plant trees that I can water them easily and not waste.  Where is the mailbox?  Is there trash pickup?  Where do the cans go?  Who are the neighbors?  I hope they like us…

We also need to paint the interior walls and the exterior (hopefully soon – blue is not my favorite color…).  Hubby said he would paint the interior walls on the nights he is at the house alone before I move down.  (I will move down after we have a renter and when the final horses are moved.)

And…How /who/which/when will I move the horses?  …

I’m very excited!

Me and Scouty… on a roadtrip to our new life.

Scouty, my copilot, seems to know that I'm writing about her... She has her big head on my desk as I type.

Scouty, my copilot, seems to know that I’m writing about her…


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  1. Lisa Arkfeld

    I’ve been following your search for new digs for the horses and hubby (& you, of course LOL) and I’m soooo excited for y’all!
    Your blog is truly wonderful and brightens my days, so thank you thank you thank you, and again congrats!
    The blue house looks great, and what a treat (and a chore, I know) to have a blank canvas so to speak. On this land you can create your dream ranch. I’m looking forward to hearing about the ‘getting to know ya’ process of your new location(the wind, sun direction, neighbors & services, etc). I get dreamy about getting horse property so it’ll be great fun to follow your sharing the whole process!
    Yippee for you & yours.

  2. Davi Thompson

    I remember seeing a article in a very old Western Horseman about a shelter built with a post in the middle and 3 walls coming out from the center. Covered roof, blocks the wind from any direction.

  3. Robin West

    I love your new blue house – congratulations Dawn and hubby! Everything will work out, just take it 1 step at a time and try not to be overwhelmed by the job(s) before you, it will all work out.

    Breathe in.

    Breathe out.

  4. Morgan Griffith

    Hope you have helpful neighbors that can help you work through some of the logistics of life in your new home. Congrats on closing escrow.

  5. Jody Brittain

    Congrats! Scary yet and adventure too! I look forward to how you plan all this out? Might give me some ideas.

  6. Laura Neacsu

    This is soooo exciting and frightening at the same time. We have our house for sale now too, and it’s probably going to take a while until I can start looking for a new property.

    I’ve been following your adventure for a little bit and I jump off my seat to hear it’s finally happening for you guys. I am looking forward to read all about what/how you will be doing it, as I need to do the same as you in the near future. I don’t have horses, but at the new property we plan to get some.

    Congratulations and good luck with it all!!

  7. Perran Howell

    We will be thinking of you. Please let us know how it goes.

  8. Stacey

    Very exciting Dawn. Congratulations to you all.
    Can I suggest you jump on google maps and have a look around your neighbouring properties from above?
    You may find a pattern in the way they have set up tree lines, the direction their barns face etc.
    Looking forward to your next post with pics of your new view.

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