“OMGOSH, SUGAR SNAP PEAS and GRAPES are the BOMB!”, said ALL of my horses!!

I had some sugar snap peas left over from Saturday’s Farmer’s Market.  Hubby had purchased them for me.  Yum!

So, I did a little research to make sure horses can eat sugar snap peas… and they can.  But, I wasn’t sure if my horses would eat them.  I figured BG would, since she has a very distinct and interesting palate, but the rest – no idea.

Just to be safe from a “I hate these, give me a good treat!” horsey outrage, I brought out some melon rinds and more of my home grown grapes, too, inside my treat bag.

Oh, I also removed the strings of the sugar snap peas. That only took a minute and I do that for myself, so why not them?  I’d hate for them to have a little pea string stuck in their teeth…

PS: I had trouble holding the bag, feeding,  and taking pics…


My goodie bag…

Norma was the first. She sniffs, like the very smart donkey that she is.

She took it! And wanted more!

Dodger saw Norma take hers, so he took his. He also wanted more!

Dodger starts foaming and his eyes widened. “What is this new flavor?!”

Annie ran up from the large field and flirted with me through the fence. “What do you have, my favorite person?!”

After I had put some treats inside their bucket, both Annie and Mo were thrilled and asking for more. “Will you come back with that little bag?!”

Annie ran over as I was feeding Missy Miss, who was still eating grass bits out of her bin. As you can see, Annie grabbed some melon from Missy Miss.

Then Annie got distracted by me and the ‘bag’ – so Missy Miss got the rest of the melon.

This is Finn. He ate this melon and practically fleeced me for the sugar snap peas!! He loved them!

This is BG. She grabbed the grapes, as you can see. But she was foaming when I gave her the peas. She LOVED them.

BG again.

OMG! Gwen took an entire clump of grapes inside her mouth – and then it was GONE!

I gave Wrigley the rest of the peas and he was very happy. Immediately, he banged on the gate for more.

I gave the last bit to Norma and Dodger. As I turned around, this is what I saw nextdoor. 3 pitiful faces. As an aside, I swear that Annie is still growing. She is HUGE.

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