OMG! Grab this artist FAST! She does incredible MINI portraits of your pet – or anything – for under $50!! MEET so talented, Annalise!

I stumbled upon Annalise Carlacci because she did a portrait of Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie, which I loved!  I took the photo of the Frenchie portrait, enlarged it, and noted the artist’s signature:  Annalise Carlacci.  I then put her name into ETSY and I found her page!  You can, too, click here!

Click image to go to her page

This is the photo of the drawing that caught my eye.

This is Walter:

This is Walter Geoffrey, the Frenchie.

WHAT SHE CAN DO FOR YOU! – Get her now before she becomes so busy that we can no longer afford her works!

OK, so she will take any photo, and create a colored or b/w line drawing of the subject.  She will ship it to you (unframed) for under $50!  ORIGINAL ART!  AMAZING.

Or, you can look at her page and purchase any of her collection of minis.  So darling!  And, imagine what a nice grouping for your wall or desk?!

You send your photo and she creates this!

So cute.

She has only done one horse… but I’m sure she could do many more from our group!!



love these



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  1. Doris McQuiddy

    She is such a wonderful artist-WOW! Thanks for sharing this site. I’m going to share it around as you suggested.

  2. Bunny

    Dawn, you discover and introduce us to so many wonderful artists of all types! THANK YOU. I have a couple of forever heart dogs and one very special forever horse that I would like to have Annalise do portraits of. I’d been thinking of this for a while after losing that horse to cancer; my farrier actually had a weaver create for me a blanket (a people blanket, not horse blanket) incorporating a design taken from a photo of my horse before he passed, and that has given me so much joy that I also wanted to have something to hang on my wall – and this fits the concept perfectly.

    Artists, dogs, donkeys and horses – what could possibly be a more rewarding blog!

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