OK, well, this happened…

Although it is not uncommon for me to take a Sunday or Monday off… yesterday was not intentional.

You see, my computer… my lovely, fast, expensive, keeper of all things I need because I never thought to back anything up because it was NEW last Christmas… died.

I spent all of yesterday, trying to resurrect the beast.  I did everything it said to do on the Internet.  “What to do when your iMac has the white screen of death?”…   I did it all, several times.  I cried.  I was frustrated.  I begged.  I pleaded.

To no avail.

All I can say is that I’m glad I was already done with our taxes.

So… Hubby is taking the big box of computer down to the repair place.  If I can afford the repair (thinking hard drive failed), I will fix him and bring him  home.  If I cannot afford the fix, I will be coming to you from this – who I am typing upon as we speak – old computer – clearly a better computer – but very slow and frustrating in its own right.  Still, I’m lucky that I have this old reliable and that I’ve kept her fairly updated.  It wasn’t too hard to bring her over to my desk and bring the retired librarian back to the stacks.

My big, beautiful, incredibly fast, very ill beast. Lots and Lots of power, but sadly, no voice at the moment – packed up and ready to go to the repair place.


I didn’t want to make this post all about computers and nothing about horses… so here is a pic I took yesterday, when I went outside to clear my head during this double meltdown (mine and the computer’s).

I thought it might be a good idea to put Wrigley in with Dalton, because they are young boys and might like to play together.

Wrong.  Double Wrong.  Infinitely Incorrect Judgement.  Story tomorrow.

This is Dalton’s eye. He is begging me to get rid of Wrigley who is in his paddock. Wrigley is eating behind Dalton. Missy Miss and Mo are pleading as well, looking over Wrigley’s back.

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  1. Jerry

    Gotta do those back ups. You never know when disaster of one kind or another will strike.


  2. Doris McQuiddy

    My sympathies are with you!! I had a major melt down last year and after hours and hours, I went to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. They finally referred me to the repair people that they use. We had a lightning strike on our house and it came through one of the wall outlets that was plugged into the safety surge protector that my master charger was plugged into and my laptop was plugged into that, but turned off. The master charger for my laptop had a bulge and even when I replaced that, my computer would not resuscitate. So, it was the mother board that had to be replaced. It was traumatic and I ended up getting a new laptop and using the repaired older laptop as a backup.

    BTW, when we knew what had happened and it was more than replacing the master charger, my husband took the plate off the wall outlet and the inside was all blackened and in tiny pieces. so there were some repairing necessary there. So, I now count it all as a huge set of blessings. The house did not burn down. My two doggies were not harmed. We both were not harmed. Only the laptop. We both understand what could have been and how blessed we are. Still, I understand the frustration and difficulty of getting up and running and can empathize with your situation. I am so glad you had your old trusty to lean on.

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