Now BG is laminitic. Shades of Mama Tess gripped me. Here is what I am doing.

We spoke last week about BG (Beautiful Girl) and her persistent hives.

Well, this week, she is sore on her front feet.

Immediately I was seized with memories of Mama Tess.  This cannot be happening.

But, I knew it could be happening so I made a plan for her – without a barn.  What could I do?

First, I cleaned her hooves and measured them for Soft Ride Boots (I have several pair in several sizes from Mama Tess days).  But, BG cannot wear Soft Rides on lumpy ground, so I needed to create a soft, safe and smooth paddock area for her.

I had called the vet and I already had all the meds she needed (per him) so I started her on them.  He will come out and give her an IV injection to boost what I’ve done.

I then looked at her paddock and realized that it was actually the best paddock to create a stall that was close to her (I didn’t want to make her walk much, especially on our uneven ground).  All I had to do was create a smaller area using the corner in the shade under the cover.

I also had to remove Finn as her buddy.  He is the Boss and he is likely to push her around, which isn’t good.  He is nextdoor, so as not to cause stress.

OK, I had my plan

However,  all of my panels are being used to reinforce our huge lower fenceline, so I jumped into the truck and drove to Lowe’s.  I purchased one 12′ and 2 – 8′ panels.

I started to cry at the checkout counter.  I’m so fearful of laminitis and founder.

I came home, offloaded all the gates and proceeded to kick down all the lumpy earth (or dug it out) inside her new area.  I put all the panels under the fences and uprighted them into a square.  But, I was short a few feet so I ran to where i knew I had placed a 4′ gate, and took that to make a gate in her little area.  I placed the feeder and water in the best area for standing.  Unfortunately, she backwashes in her trough, so I had to put it on the outer edge so when I dumped the water onto our clay soil, it wouldn’t create a dangerous, slippery slope.  For part of the day, her water will be in the sun.  Not ideal, but better than the alternative.

I already had 5 bags of shavings, so I spread those out.

Lastly, I let her alone to think about it.

I went out about 20 minutes later, and she was inside of her new bedroom.  Tonight, when I feed, I will shut the door.

Praying to the horsegods…

Off loading my truck after my Lowe’s run.

Figuring out where to place the panels.

I didn’t have enough panels so I took this gate I had covering a hole in the big upper pasture that we aren’t able to use while the well is being finished.

BG was far away from me as I constructed this. However, I noticed that she was steady enough to do this… Also, note the very hard and uneven ground with tons of mud boulders and rocks.

She has her weight on her right front. This makes me think that the left front is worse.

Almost ready

Ready. She has shade and sun. The water is in the sun for part of the day, but I couldn’t avoid that since I have to clean it daily and the water runs downhill and makes a slippery slide in our clay. Best to have it in a corner where I can push the water off to the side and where she won’t spend much time.

I went inside the house and looked out the window to find her in her new digs. I will let her get used to it and shut the door at dinner time. I’m guessing she will stay in there because it is soft, shady – and she has food/water.

I went out just before sunset and she was happily munching. She had weight on both fronts. So far, so good.


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  1. Karen Wright

    Oh, no! I do hope things go well with her treatment! I’ll be sending positive and healing thoughts your way. ?

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