November Bucket Fund horse UPDATE: We know what caused ANDRE’S LEG WOUND!

Last week we told you about our two November Bucket Fund horses:  Phoenix and Andre.  You can read the original story here.

Phoenix has a horrible wound on his rump.  Andre has a horrible wound on his leg.  (Phoenix goes into surgery on Tuesday, we hope… his bloodwork indicated that he needed more time before he could have surgery for this week.  The vets still do no know what is going on there.)


It turns out that the huge wound on Phoenix’s leg is a horrible summer sore, left unattended, and full of fly eggs (maggots).

This can be cured, but it will take a long while.  For sure, there will be scarring and there could be internal damage.

Phoenix’s leg when he first got to the equine hospital. The vets didn’t even think that this could be a summer sore filled with eggs. They tested for many, many diseases. But, it is a summer sore filled with maggots.


You can watch this (somewhat gross ) videoknow that the vet is squeezing out fly eggs.  A bit difficult for the faint of heart.

If you have a strong stomach, click image to watch the video of the vet extracting the fly eggs from this massive summer sore.


NOVEMBER BUCKET FUND HORSES!  Andre and Phoenix – BOTH with Massive Wounds and dumped at the auction!   Click here to read the story!

We are HALFWAY to our goal!  Please help if you can… this is horrendous and will take a lot of expert care to heal them.


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