NORMA WAS SO VERY ILL and I was losing her… MEET THE PERSON WHO (I think) SAVED HER LIFE! Does your horse suffer yet vets cannot figure it out? CALL GINA! My Norma is back, thanks to Gina Vetro.

I haven’t spoken about Norma Jean’s illness because, well, I could hardly face it myself.

At first, I thought that she was simply depressed from the move here and losing her best friend, Slick.

But, over time, she wasn’t getting better, she was getting worse.  She felt broken to me.  Norma, who had been very engaged and happy to be part of it all for 20 years… now stayed in her corner.  Her eyes looked morose.  She hardly moved. She never ran.  She did not participate in anything or come over to be groomed.  I hadn’t heard her bray in months.

The vets could find nothing wrong with her.  She was in good shape for an older donkey.  Her geriatric blood work had some issues, but nothing serious or unusual for a jenny of her age.  All the vets said she was simply depressed.

I didn’t believe that was all there was to it.  This donkey was ill.  She needed help.  SOMETHING.

I was losing Norma Jean and I knew it.

Norma Jean.


Hi Dawn,

“Hi Dawn,LOVE reading your blog when I hv time. Norma’s section resonated,  so I’d like to send you to my website as I can help her get out of her funk, if it’s truly emotional.
 I treat animals emotionally. A licensed veterinary medical technician, independent professional & medical intuit best describes what I do. 
Please contact me if your interested.”

HMMMM.  What did I have to lose?  Someone wanted to help her… with a different method.

I had never met this person and had no previous experience with her… “Yes!”, I said.

And so it began.

CALL HER! She saved the life of my donkey. 3 vets told me that Norma was fine – but I knew she wasn’t.


I am not sure how Gina does what she does… I sent to her some of Norma’s tail hair – and a few days later, I received some medical looking packages with tinctures and homeopathic beads created exactly and specifically for Norma Jean.  Gina said she had kidney issues, parasites deep in her liver and an imbalance in her total system.

I did exactly what Gina instructed.

Within a week, I saw Norma Jean start to perk up.  She was visibly brighter.

After I had finished the first round of treatment, Gina “checked in” with Norma.

Another package arrived about a week later with a different set of tinctures and homeopathic beads plus instructions to purchase a few, very specific, metabolic supplements.

After a month, UNBELIEVABLY, Norma was bright, happy, asking to be scratched, actually TROTTING around and acting like her old self!  She even rubbed against the fence, trying to attract Mo (a gelding).

I was astounded.

I kept up the treatment for another month.

A few days ago, she brayed.  OMG.

This woman has brought my donkey BACK.  My girl is back.

I don’t know how it works, but it HAS worked.

I absolutely recommend you try Gina Vetro.   646-403-7070   (No affiliation)  Her fee was 1/4 of what I paid to the vets and for blood work!  A REAL VALUE, for sure!

Easy to administer tinctures and homeopathic beads – created especially for Norma Jean.


When I asked Gina about how she does what she does – besides being highly educated in Eastern and Western medicine-  she said this:

Sometimes energy medicine is difficult to understand bc it’s difficult to put in laymen terms. It is really quantum medicine & quantum physics. It works bc it has to do with the electro-magnetic energy of the earth, scalar waves & the curvature of space.
Besides me working w nutrition & the emotional realm of the animal (often recognizing denial as the original cause of dis-ease) it’s healing  from a distance by sourcing thought/picture molecules that transcend space and time.
It really has less to do with me and more to do with the patient sending me pictures. Often of there feelings (anger/ pain) so I can then help by giving them remedies to help them help themselves.
Usually a lot of clearing needs to happen first. Clearing of heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and negative interferences. Like cleaning house. Then we can begin to heal.


Contact info:  Gina Vetro, phone: 646-403-7070, email: , Click for FB.

I swear to you, I knew there was something wrong with Norma (not moving much, not engaging, never braying, not interacting – she seemed very depressed) yet no vet could put their finger on it nor offer a cure.  Nothing could be diagnosed.  Three vets said that she ‘checked out fine.’ 

But, she wasn’t fine.  In my heart, I knew she was slowly shutting down and I was losing her.

Now I have the comfort of knowing that we are headed in the right direction – Norma Jean has turned a corner and is back!  I’m not frightened every time I go outside that I’ll find her even more sick with nothing for me to do about it.

I’m finally helping her, and she is happy – again.

Thank you, Horsegods, for sending Gina to us!

Norma Jean is back! She is engaged, happy, trotting around, using her ears, braying and flirting. She hadn’t done any of that since we moved here.

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  1. Lara Clair

    So many times vets are stumped or misdiagnose. Its about time we let other qualified practitioners step up to the plate without so much judgment. Let’s change the face of medicine. Times UP!!!

  2. C. Cullion

    Great success! We have to start thinking outside the box w medicine & healthcare. Not wealthcare

  3. Bonnie

    I am so happy for you both.
    So many times when I would go to see my sister in the nursing home, I knew something was wrong. It used to drive me crazy that they would not DO anything to help her. After a time would go by she would get worse and worse, and finally, when they had “medically measurable proof” that something was wrong, they would treat her. But that was after her temperature would go to 103 or so!
    I am thrilled that this woman reached out and helped you, and that you were open to her (out of the box) ideas!
    I should trademark “medically measurable proof”!

  4. Sonya

    Splendid! Well done, Norma Jean (Dawn)! The study of homeopathic energy is quite useful for my herd, too.

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